February 2018  
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Chaplain Jon Baucom

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Chaplain Jon Baucom *"OTR" President. I was born July 13, 1962 in Oklahoma City, Ok. My mother was 18 and my father was 20. They were High School sweethearts and yet they seemed to fight all the time. At the age of 7, I was abducted and molested in south Oklahoma City.  Victim counseling did not exist back then and that experience left a deep emotional scar on my soul. Because I was left without a constructive way to deal with that assault, I experienced anger. As I grew, I learned quite a bit more about anger from both of my parents. We moved from house to house and from break up to make up until my parents finally divorced. The 70s brought many changes into my life; most of them were not so good. In 1974, I used L.S.D. for the first time. It was not long until the drug culture took over my life. This led to many clashes with the law and any other authority I could rebel against. In 1979 while out partying with my buddies, I drove my ‘64’ Impala into a brand new home. This led to my first major arrest and I was only 17 years old. I was given the choice between jail and the military. I chose the Navy, but not even the military could tame my wild heart. After my enlistment I was right back on the road to destruction, or the highway to hell, you might say. I embarked on a journey filled with alcohol and drugs into a world of darkness and despair. The 1980’s were filled with violence, burglaries, robberies, drug abuse, and sex. I could find nothing to fill the emptiness in my soul. I was married and divorced twice, and had many girlfriends in many towns throughout the United States. I never stayed in one place too long; always wearing out my welcome. Finally, in 1990, after repeated stays in county jails, VA hospitals, Salvation Army and homeless shelters, I ended up in prison. That much of what luck I did have; finally ran out. I had been in many jails, but prison was a whole new ball game and I didn’t want to play. I escaped from two minimum security units which caused me to finish out my sentence in a medium/maximum security prison.March the 3rd,1993,while I was serving out my sentence at the Mac Alford Correctional Center in Stringtown,Oklahoma,my cellmate asked me to attend a church sevice with him. This was not unusual,everytime there was a service he would ask me to go,but I was pretty stubborn and refused many such offer's. But on this particular day a special group from California was scheduled to come in,and there were going to be women there,so I accepted the invitation. The sevice was  awesome,and I couldn't sit still during the whole program...chill's running down my spine and on our way back to our cell I kept hearing music in my head. I asked my cellmate if he could hear it and he said no. We were locked down for count, and the music persisted,and so I got a pen and wrote my first song.."Mansions In Heaven." Then my cell mate and I prayed together in our cell for my salvation !!!On June 1, 1994, I was released from prison in Hominy, Oklahoma. I was 32 years old. I was given $50.00 and taken to the nearest bus station. After spending a week with my father, I took off hitchhiking on my way to Florida, on the road again. I ended up in Daytona, Florida where I conned my way into a commercial diving job, old habits die hard. I was trying to escape my past, but I couldn’t escape from myself. Your past has a way of catching up to you. In 1997 my Grandfather passed away and I returned home for his funeral. My Grandmother asked me to come home and keep her company. In 1998 while working as a delivery driver for a lumber company in Durant, Oklahoma I met a lovely lady named Cynthia who would later become my wife. She had been raised in a wonderful Church and had been a Christian most of her life. Totally different from all the women I had known most of my life. We were married in September 1999 and in November of that same year, I rededicated my life to the Lord and was baptized.In June of 2001 I became a member of “OTR”. I had vowed many years before that I would die before I ever went back to prison. I did not know that I had made a prophetic statement, as I had died to the world of sin and been reborn of the spirit. I was invited to come to prison and share my testimony with the inmates, and the rest is history. My life has been changed in many ways since that time. I became a Husband, a Father, a Friend,President of this Ministry,but most importantly a Christian,in the serviceof our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have visited many prisons over the years and have been blessed by God with that mission. I have a wonderful Wife,Awesome Son,two beautiful Daughters  a very  handsome Grandson and a precious Grandaughter.But most of all, I have a Savior who never forgot about me, changed my life, and filled my empty heart with hope and love. I am Pastor of Texoma Biker Church in Sherman Texas...come see us sometime !  Lets Roll !!! God is truly good, All the time !!  Chaplain Jon Baucom,President,  "On the Road Ministry"