February 2018  
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Cynthia Baucom

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I was born in Durant, Oklahoma in 1968 and have been here most of my life. In fact I have gone to the same church my whole life, Fairview Baptist Church. Fairview holds a huge part of my heart and soul. I have held many positions there and have served on numerous committees. The one I am most proud of is working with the children as the Director of the Children’s Ministry. My passion is teaching children about the wonderful things God has in store for them and leading them in a personal relationship with Christ. I have two children, Preston and Amber, who I love with all my heart and are children of the Lord.

I met Jon Baucom, in 1999 after going through a terrible divorce and 4 years of loneliness. Jon had such a passion for the prison and the motorcycle ministry that it sparked a need in my life to do more for Christ.  I have been the bookkeeper of On The Road Ministry, Inc. for 10 years. I go into the Prisons once in a while with Jon and always enjoy every visit. I have to admit growing up I was Ms. Goody Two Shoes. I say that like it’s a bad thing when it’s not, except sometimes I tended to look down on others for what they did. Being married to Jon and being a part of OTR has shed light on my ignorance. If you have read Jon’s testimony you know he has quite a past yet he is one of the most giving and compassionate people I have ever met.  Some of the prisoners and bikers I have met have also changed the way I look at others.  Ministries like this one are few and far between. There are a lot of Churches and ministries who do wonderful things in the community. But a ministry that chooses to go into the secured walls of a prison and reach out to those that seem unreachable takes a special calling.

Please pray for this ministry and those who serve.



Thank you,


Cynthia Baucom