February 2018  
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OTR - Motorcycle Division
Chaplain: Jon Baucom

On The Road Ministry started out on the back of a Motorcycle, and so it is only fitting that we continue to reach out to our Brothers and Sisters in the Biker Community by attending rallies, providing Marriage and Funeral Sevices, and carrying a message of Faith, Hope and Love where ever the Road takes us.


I ride for Jesus, from Coast to Coast, praising Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  I hold my Shield of Faith up High, a Bible thumpin' Biker Guy.  I Love the Lord and live to Ride on wings of Eagles across the countryside.  I carry my Cross for the world to see, yes, Jesus saved a wretch like me.... Down the Road may His Light always shine, Yes, God Is Good....All The Time !!!!!      

Jon Baucom...August 14, 2010